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Pokémon copyright lawyers demand $4,000 from party planner

(credit: Ramar Larkin Jones) As soon as Ramar Larkin Jones he got wind that lawyers from The Pokémon Company objected to the Pokemon-themed party he had planned in August, he shut it down. But that’s far from the end of it. Pokémon’s lawyers aren’t letting go—they refused to dismiss the case against Jones unless he coughs up […]

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Yelp settles suit with bankruptcy lawyer over allegations of fake reviews

(credit: Yelp) A strange lawsuit that saw Yelp suing a small-time bankruptcy lawyer in San Diego, California over accusations of fraudulent online reviews has resulted in a settlement—but neither party is talking details. On Friday, a superior court judge in San Diego approved the case’s dismissal with prejudice—meaning that it cannot be filed again—which had […]

Scottrade breach exposes sensitive data for 4.6 million customers Read more

Scottrade breach exposes sensitive data for 4.6 million customers

On the heels of hacks hitting artist funding site Patreon and a database of 15 million people who applied for T-Mobile accounts comes word that online stock brokerage Scottrade has suffered a breach that exposed the personal information of 4.6 million customers. Scottrade officials said in an online advisory that the breach happened in late 2013 or […]

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After he threatened massacre on Yik Yak, Virginia Tech ex-student pleads guilty

(credit: Yik Yak) A former Virginia Tech student who posted a violent threat on Yik Yak has now taken a plea deal to avoid further jail time. Back in April 2015, Ki Ung “Eddie” Moon posted to the notoriously anonymous social network, “another 4.16 moment is going to happen tomorrow. Just a warning.” That date, […]

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There are laws making it illegal to collect data on open land

(credit: duncan c) Wyoming lawmakers adopted legislation making it illegal to gather data on open space—such as performing water quality tests or taking photographs—for the purpose of reporting to the government harmful farming practices, environmental degradation, or other ills. The two-part legislative package, signed by Gov. Matt Mead earlier this year, is the subject of […]

Major US patent troll sues Google and Samsung in a surprising venue: London Read more

Major US patent troll sues Google and Samsung in a surprising venue: London

Unwired Planet, a patent-holding company that holds more than 2,000 patents, is about to undergo a series of court trials in the United Kingdom, Bloomberg reports. The London trials against Huawei, Samsung, and Google, set to begin on Monday, could represent turning points for so-called “patent trolls” that have no business other than licensing or litigating patents. It’s not […]

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AT&T says T-Mobile and Sprint Wi-Fi calling violates disability rules

AT&T yesterday accused T-Mobile and Sprint of violating federal rules that require wireless networks to be compatible with technology for people with hearing and speech disabilities. AT&T says T-Mobile and Sprint began offering Wi-Fi calling on smartphones without seeking a waiver from the Federal Communications Commission’s TTY (teletypewriter) rules. TTY devices for deaf and speech-impaired […]

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Feds raid cryptocurrency startup accused of scamming $32M from investors

Gemcoin Asia released this video of their visit to Gemcoin headquarters in Arcadia, California, in February 2015. (credit: Gemcoin Asia) The Securities and Exchange Commission announced Thursday that it sued a Southern California company over an alleged Ponzi scheme resulting in a loss to investors of at least $32 million. If the government’s accusations are correct, […]

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Gigabytes of user data from hack of Patreon donations site dumped online

Enlarge (credit: @amlolzz) Hackers have published almost 15 gigabytes’ worth of password data, donation records, and source code taken during the recent hack of the Patreon funding website. The data has been circulating in various online locations and was reposted here by someone who said it wasn’t immediately possible to confirm the authenticity of the […]

Ominous messages left on 4chan day before Oregon college killings Read more

Ominous messages left on 4chan day before Oregon college killings

Postings referencing school violence in the Northwest appeared on the message board 4chan a day before Thursday’s mass killings that left as many as 13 dead and many more injured at an Oregon community college. One anonymous message addressed to “fellow robots” hoped readers would have “an enjoyable Elliot Rodger day”—a reference to the shooter who […]