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FAA proposes $1.9M fine after company flew drones over New York, Chicago

(credit: SkyPan International) The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed a fine of $1.9 million—the largest civil penalty ever against a drone company—to punish an aerial photography firm that took pictures above Chicago and New York. According to the FAA’s allegations, SkyPan International flew 65 “unauthorized operations” between March 2012 and December 2014. Of those, approximately […]

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Trans-Pacific Partnership accord’s copyright details leaked

(credit: Horia Varlan) A day after 11 Pacific Rim nations and the US agreed to the wording of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, New Zealand revealed Tuesday that the section on intellectual property lines up with how copyright terms are treated in the US. The deal, which now needs approval from the pact’s member […]

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Threatening to post sex tape on Facebook is not a crime, court rules

(credit: Todd Barnard) A man handed six years for threatening a local Georgia court clerk that he would post a sex tape of her on Facebook had his conviction overturned by the state’s Supreme Court. The justices ruled Monday that the Facebook postings did not constitute criminality or a “true threat” under the law, because […]

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Cisco shuts down million-dollar ransomware operation

Enlarge (credit: Security researchers have disrupted an online criminal operation they estimated drew $30 million per year pushing ransomware on unsuspecting people browsing the Internet. The takedown was performed by investigators from Cisco Systems’ Talos security unit, which was researching the Angler Exploit kit. The hack-by-numbers tool is sold in underground crime forums to people […]

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How net neutrality violates the First Amendment (according to one ISP)

(credit: Ed Uthman) Major Internet service providers have seemingly given up on the argument that net neutrality rules violate their First Amendment rights. But one small ISP is continuing its fight against the Federal Communications Commission, claiming that it should be allowed to favor some Internet content over others because doing so qualifies for freedom of speech protection. “With […]

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Europe’s highest court strikes down Safe Harbor data sharing between EU, US

Europe’s top court, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), has struck down the 15-year-old Safe Harbour agreement that allowed the free flow of information between the US and EU. The most significant repercussion of this ruling is that American companies, such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, may not be allowed to send user […]

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Rightscorp, locked in court battles, signs Sony Music as a client

Rightscorp, the Southern California company struggling to turn a profit as the Internet’s premier copyright cop, has signed Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC as a client. Sony is the third major music company that has hired Rightscorp to scan the Internet looking for pirates who download their songs illegally. The new client was announced in an 8-K form filed today with the […]

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California governor vetoes bills regulating hobbyist drone flight

(credit: Doodybutch) Over the weekend, California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a number of bills that would have increased penalties for flying drones over wildfires, grade schools, and prisons in the state. Brown cited his reluctance to create new crimes as his reason for vetoing the drone-related bills and six other un-related bills that the Los Angeles Times […]

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Man who crashed drone at US Open sentenced to 5 days community service

(credit: Don McCullough) A New York City teacher and photographer has been ordered to serve five days of community service after he crashed a drone into the stands at the US Open last month. In a statement released Friday, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown described the defendant, Daniel Verley, as having “cooperated fully with the police.” […]

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Cop fired after recording himself repeatedly tasering unarmed suspect

A Florida cop has been fired for repeatedly using an electroshock weapon on a shoplifting suspect who was inside a residence with hands raised. The officer’s police report said the suspect “refused to show his hands,” according to local media. Police authorities in Zephyrhills, Florida announced the firing of 10-year veteran officer Tim Claussen on […]