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Copyright Law: Pornographers Following RIAA’s Shakedown Tactics

At this Internet law firm, we are no strangers to copyright litigation. From whether website reviews are copyrightable to defending individuals caught in the RIAA’s
use of the Department of Justice to do RIAA’s litigation in the form of criminal copyright infringement
.  Now the pornographers are here and they are taking a page out of the RIAA’s playbook. It appears that the pornographers’ strategy is to file lawsuits against
unidentified parties, issue subpoenas and follow up with threatening letters to the identified individuals demanding payment of a few thousand dollars. These individuals are accused of
utilizing bit torrent software to infringe on the copyrights. Multiply the $2k to $3k requested from each identified “John Doe” times a few hundred defendants in several jurisdictions and the
pornographers can feasibly make more money through lawsuits than through selling their product.

To further the strategy, pornographer Patrick Collins filed an action in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia against 58 different unidentified (John Doe) defendants. The
case is Civil Action No: 3:11CV531. We were retained by one of the “John Doe” Defendants. We identified a number of problems
with Plaintiff’s case, not the least of which is the joinder of totally unrelated parties on the same litigation. After seeing this situation, we filed a Motion to Quash on behalf …