Internet and Cyber Law Practice Areas


Some of Our Areas of Practice Include:

We can provide you with knowledge and assistance of Internet Law.  You may need the services of an Internet Lawyer because someone has infringed your copyright by copying contents of your website or by unauthorized posting of your Intellectual Property.  Perhaps your trademark is being infringed by the registrant of a domain name or the operator of a website.  Maybe the infringement is hidden in metatags, title tags, or anchor links...You may be the victim of Internet defamation or accused of a cyber crime.   Your business may need to prepare or respond to an Internet law cease and desist notice.

You may be in the process of starting an Internet business, negotiating your website development or hosting agreement, drafting your affiliate agreements, privacy policy, terms of use.  Your business may also be interested in having an attorney with knowledge of Internet Law to review your website for compliance with the law and to help keep you from litigating.   If you or your business has any Internet legal issues, the importance of having an Internet technical expert as your Internet trial lawyer cannot be overstressed. Whatever your Internet law questions are, Domingo J. Rivera and his team are your cyber lawyer, Internet business attorney, and Internet intellectual property law firm.

Domingo J. Rivera has unique Internet lawyer qualifications. For example, based on our research, attorney Domingo J. Rivera is the only Internet lawyer who has a background in Computer Engineering, an MBA, and experience with critical projects with the U.S. Defense as well as a wealth of knowledge in computer forensics.  He has also tried a vast number of civil and criminal cases and has highly polished practical courtroom skills.  Sometimes, it is not about being the largest Internet Law firm, but about being smart and well-qualified.

Domingo Rivera, Internet Lawyer, has appeared as lead counsel in Internet cases throughout the Nation including Virginia, California, Arizona, Arkansas, and Texas... Although admitted to practice law in Virginia, he has appeared in Internet Law cases in a pro hac vice capacity, allowing clients throughout the Nation to obtain quality representation for Internet Law matters.  In addition to Virginia, Mr. Rivera is also admitted in the Arkansas Federal Courts and in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas.

Domingo Rivera utilizes his Internet Lawyer skills to assist businesses and individuals with all issues related to Internet Law in the United States and internationally and has represented clients located in England (U.K.), and various European countries.  We are your Internet Law counsel when you have Internet Law Issues, including:

Internet Copyright Infringement - Our Internet copyright Infringement attorneys can assist you if:

  • Your website contents are stolen
  • You received a copyright infringement cease and desist letter
  • You need a copyright infringement cease and desist letter sent
  • Your website is taken down as a result of a DMCA takedown request
  • You are be involved in copyright infringement litigation
  • You are arrested and accused of criminal violations of copyright laws, including conspiracy to commit copyright infringement

Internet Trademark Infringement - As an Internet Law firm, we are experts in trademark infringement matters, and can assist you with matters involving:

  • Bad faith domain name registration in violation of trademark rights
  • Cybersquatting issues
  • Cyber piracy
  • Internet trademark infringement in website meta-tags
  • Internet trademark Infringement in search engine advertisement keywords
  • Internet trademark infringement litigation
  • Use of your trademark to defame your business commercially or to promote a competitor

Internet Defamation - Our Internet defamation attorneys can provide expert assistance when:

  • Defamatory posts in and Internet blog or Internet forum damage your reputation or your business
  • Libel being spread through the use of the Internet affects you
  • Competitors attempt to gain an advantage by defaming you online
  • Defamatory statements on the Internet prevent you from advancing your career
  • Internet defamation litigation
  • False and libelous statements posted in online "ratings" websites
  • and more....

Cyber Crime Defense and civil liability under the Computer Crimes Act - Our Internet crimes defense attorneys can protect your rights when you are accused of:

  • An Internet crime
  • Computer hacking, computer cracking, or violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  • Computer trespass
  • Criminal Internet copyright infringement
  • Access Device Fraud
  • Unsolicited email and SPAM
  • Identity Theft
  • Trafficking in passwords
  • Access Device Fraud
  • Civil liability resulting from the Internet crimes discussed above
  • and more...

Other Internet Legal Issues:

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